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Cupertino Podiatry Inc., Dr. Michael J. Cornelison
We declare that this company HAS QUALIFIED for and continues to meet the Ongoing Research and Rating Requirements for Diamond Certified® status.
12 Consecutive Years  Certificate #971

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Based on 275 customer surveys, we declare
Cupertino Podiatry Inc., Dr. Michael J. Cornelison
has passed all rating steps and has earned
The Diamond Certified Award
No. 971
Continuously qualified since October 2006.
David Pak
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American Ratings Corporation

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“I came away feeling like I understood why I went there and what I needed to do going forward.”
Carol W.  Verified Customer Name
“I went there for a certain purpose and it was taken care of.”
David H.  Verified Customer Name
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Cupertino Podiatry Inc. is the resident practice of Dr. Michael Cornelison, an advanced reconstructive foot surgery specialist who emphasizes preventive care for his Santa Clara County patients. The practice treats a wide range of foot conditions, including Achilles tendonitis, bunions, heel spurs, arch strains and more. Dr. Cornelison can also create specialized injury treatment programs for athletes who need to recover quickly.