Diamond Certified on TV

See Diamond Certified featured in the San Francisco Bay Area on KTVU Fox 2 and KICU TV 36. In the Monterey and Central Coast areas, see Diamond Certified on KION CBS 46 and KCBA Fox 35.

Founder & CEO Jim Stein talks about the Diamond Certified Program.


Founder & VP Greg Louie describes what makes the Diamond Certified Program special.


Consumer Advocate Chris Bjorklund recommends becoming a free Diamond Certified Preferred Consumer.

Commercial 1: Homeowners use Diamond Certified to find a high-quality local contractor to handle their kitchen remodeling project.   Commercial 2: After her car breaks down, a consumer uses Diamond Certified to find a local auto mechanic rated Highest in Quality.

Commercial 3: New to the area and in need of a high-quality dentist, a family uses Diamond Certified to find the perfect match.

  Consumer advocate Chris Bjorklund talks about the benefits of the Diamond Certified program.
10-second KTVU Fox 2 spot   10-second KICU TV 36 spot


Diamond Certified on the Radio

Hear Diamond Certified on KGO 810 AM, KSFO 560 AM, KNBR 680 & 1050 AM, and during all San Francisco Giants games.

Real consumers talk about the benefits of using Diamond Certified to find local top-rated companies.   San Francisco Giants radio announcer Dave Flemming explains how to navigate the Diamond Certified website.   San Francisco Giants radio announcer Dave Flemming reminds KNBR listeners to tune in to the Diamond Certified Report on Tuesday mornings.
Diamond Certified Report (HOME): How safe is your garage door?   Diamond Certified Report (AUTO): Is your key ring too heavy for your car's ignition lock cylinder?   Diamond Certified Report (LEGAL): How can you protect yourself as a consumer?
Diamond Certified Report (HOME): What can you do to prevent water damage in your bathroom?        


Diamond Certified Public Advertisement Displays

   Look for these Diamond Certified bus posters when driving in
   the San Francisco/East Bay Area.