Guy's Fencing, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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Owner Guy Aranda with his wife, Teresa
Q: Do I need a permit to build a fence?
A: "Regulations vary from city to city, but you usually don’t need a permit to build a fence as long as it’s not attached to your house. Your homeowner’s association may have its own rules, but we’ll let you know the specifics before any work begins. "
Q: How soon can you get here if I need my fence repaired?
A: "Generally, we can come take care of a repair within two days of your initial call. If it’s an emergency and the fence has to be repaired right away, we can usually shift our schedule to make it work. "
Q: What are the benefits of using pressure-treated wood to build a fence?
A: "Pressure¬-treated wood lasts longer and costs less than redwood or cedar. Essentially, it’s Douglas fir that’s chemically treated to last 30 to 40 years, so it’s a real money saver in the long run. "
Q: Do you build chain link fences?
A: "We occasionally build chain link fences, but our main focus is building wood fences. "
Q: Can you install a security gate on my property?
A: "Yes. "
Q: Do you provide free estimates?
A: "Yes. "