Getting to the “Bottom” of Fences

More Savvy Tips

If you want a sturdy fence, make sure the footings are placed deep enough. Guy Aranda, owner of Guy’s Fencing, a Diamond Certified company, says while some contractors dig down about 24 inches, he prefers a depth of 30 to 36 inches, depending on the soil. This deep footing makes the post extremely stable and allows the fence to withstand just about anything. The concrete poured into the footing should completely and evenly surround the post for maximum stability and should slope away from the base. Mr. Aranda isn’t a fan of using gravel underneath the posts in the hole—he doesn’t think it’s very helpful.

Mr. Aranda recommends upgrading posts so they’ll last longer. Typically, a 4’ x 4’ post will last about 20 years, but a 4’ x 6’ post will last about 10 years longer. You won’t pay much more for the larger posts, and labor installation costs are the same.