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Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Terms for Asphalt and Paving Companies
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Aggregates are various sizes of stones and crushed rock, etc., that make up a high percentage of an asphalt mixture.

Asphalt is a black or brown cement-type material that is obtained through the processing of petroleum. It is used for paving and roofing, etc.

Also known as: asphalt cement

asphalt base
Asphalt base is a mix where the largest stone is not larger than 3/4 inch.

asphalt binder
Asphalt binder is the layer between the base and the top surface and is made of asphalt. It is usually thicker than the surface layer

Also known as: asphalt binders

asphalt driveway designs
Asphalt driveway designs isthe design prepared to be stamped into an asphalt driveway.

Also known as: asphalt driveway design

asphalt leveling course
Asphalt leveling course is when hot asphalt is used to get rid of irregularities in the contour of an existing surface.

asphalt repairs
Asphalt repairs are the repairs made to asphalt as it is worn down by use or weather.

Also known as: asphalt repair

coal tar
Coal tar is a by-product from steel production and is used as a base for asphalt pavement sealers.

Compaction is the process of compressing material into a lesser volume.

Crusher-run is the unscreened product after the stone is crushed.

Density refers to the weight of a material such as asphalt.

Also known as: thickness, compactness

Emulsion is the combination of ingredients that are mixed mechanically that don't mix normally.

finished grade
Finished grade is the final grade of the asphalt job.

Also known as: final grade

full-depth asphalt pavement
Full-depth asphalt pavement is used to certify that pavement has asphalt mixtures used for all of its courses above the subgrade.

Geotextiles are the materials used in the pavingi process that are fabric-like and often used to stabilize the base material or be a moisture barrier.

Also known as: geotextile

Grade-slope is the angle of a paved surface that aids in drainage of water.

Joints are the visible area where two different pourings of asphalt meet.

Also known as: joint, seam

lane joint cracks
Lane joint cracks are separations between two paving lanes that run longitudinally.

Lift is paving material that is applied to the base or previous layer.

reflection cracks
Reflection cracks are cracks in asphalt that is over pavement and shows the crack pattern of the pavement.

seal coating
Seal coating is the application of a sealant to protect the asphalt.

Also known as: sealing, seal coat

stamped blacktop
Stamped blacktop is pavement or blacktop that has been stamped with a decorative stamp.

Also known as: stamped pavement, asphalt stamping, decorative asphalt paving, stamped asphalt

stone base
Stone base is the base of the pavement which usually consists of crushed stones.

Subbase is below the base course of asphalt pavement.

Subgrade is the prepared soil that is compacted to support a slab or pavement.