Your Resource for Choosing Diamond Certified Companies

Choose with confidence. Each Diamond Certified company has been independently rated Highest in Quality in Northern California’s most rigorous — and accurate — customer satisfaction research of local companies.

The Most Accurate Customer Satisfaction Research Anywhere

Ratings you can trust. We survey by telephone a large random sample of only REAL customers to ensure accuracy. To become Diamond Certified, a company must score over 90 on a 100 scale in customer satisfaction and pass our credential-based ratings. Most companies can’t qualify.

Telephone surveys are used to ensure only real customers are surveyed. Here Sarah Rutan enters a verified customer's survey response.
Your Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee

We always back you up. When you choose a Diamond Certified company you expect superior performance. We go a step further by providing mediation and a Diamond Certified Performance Money Back Guarantee.

You’ll feel confident in choosing a Diamond Certified company.

The Diamond Certified Difference

If you want quality, you’ll have confidence in choosing a Diamond Certified company. Our ratings process of local companies is the most accurate in the Bay Area. Only those rated Highest in Quality in customer satisfaction and helpful expertise earn Diamond Certified. Most companies can't qualify.

Every Diamond Certified company must continue to deliver on its promises to you, the consumer. That's why we conduct ongoing customer satisfaction research, credential-based ratings, and monitor each company's performance. Then we back you up with mediation and the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee.

Our Ratings are the Most Accurate Anywhere

We survey a large random sample of each company's customers by telephone to get the most accurate ratings and to verify that only REAL customers are responding. By surveying from a company's entire customer base, we ensure that the research results, good or bad, truly represent the company's customer satisfaction level.

Only the Best Pass the Test®

Most companies can't qualifyCompanies must score Highest in Quality in customer satisfaction and helpful expertise, a 90+ on a 100 scale, and pass all of our credential-based ratings. By requiring such a high score to qualify, we cut out mediocre and poorly performing companies.

Top Rated Companies Providing Helpful Expertise™

Most consumers want a company that’s able to provide Helpful Expertise™, but what does that really mean? When you hire a local company, you want to make sure the expertise it provides is helpful for your exact situation. That’s why working with a Diamond Certified company is so important—in addition to being seen as top rated for quality, Diamond Certified companies are widely known for being helpful local experts.

There's Something Special About You™

Each of us is unique. That’s what makes us “individuals.” So, there’s something special about you™—many things, actually! Perhaps it’s something practical like being good at math or fun like being able to roll your tongue. You can now add one more thing that’s special about you simply by becoming a Diamond Certified Preferred Consumer (always free).

You’ll get special recognition from Diamond Certified companies, exclusive access to a members-only hotline, a subscription to the Diamond Certified Directories, a Double Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee and more. You deserve it—after all, there’s something special about you.™

Companies are Held Accountable

We conduct ongoing research and ratings. Companies must keep up their high performance. If they don't, they are removed from Diamond Certified.

We never allow a Diamond Certified company to sit on its reputation. Each must do their best to satisfy you, the customer.

We're Here for You

We care about customer satisfaction, and we care about you. That's why we perform the most accurate ratings, require the highest standard for qualification, and conduct regular performance reviews of Diamond Certified companies. We're proud to help you choose with confidence and we prove it by backing your Diamond Certified transaction with the powerful Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee.

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